Frequently Asked Questions




Q: What grade levels does Barack Obama Charter School offer?

A.   Barack Obama Charter School offers grades TK – 5.

Q. Is transportation for students provided by the school?

A.  At this time, all families must make their own arrangements to ensure their student arrives at school and returns home safely.The school utilizes staff and volunteers on the school property and immediately surrounding the campus to assist with their safety.


Q. What are the targeted student:teacher ratios?

A.  For Kindergarten, our targeted ratio is 24:1, and for grades 1 – 5, our targeted ratio is 29:1.

Q. Are students required to wear uniforms?

A.  Students are required to wear uniforms every day that they attend class. School uniforms help maintain children’s focus on their education and contributes to their safety during the school day. Information about uniform choices and where to purchase them is included in your student’s complete admissions packet.

Q. What type of meal programs are offered for Barack Obama Charter School students?

A.  We are participating in the federally assisted National School Lunch Program. This program provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day. A School Breakfast Program is offered as well. Additional information about these programs is available to our enrolled students, and menus are updated monthly.

Q. Where do I go if I have a concern?

A.  The first step is to call or e-mail your child’s teacher. If you continue to have concerns, you may contact the principal or assistant principal. It is important to prearrange a time to see your child’s teacher or an administrator.

Q. What is the procedure when my child is absent from school?

A.  Please see our Parent-Student Handbook provided to all enrolled students’ families.

Q. How will I know what my child is learning?

A.  The school publishes a twice-monthly newsletter that includes information about what the students are learning and activities you can do with your child. You may also contact your child’s teacher via email if you have questions.

Q. Will all the classes be using the same teaching method?

A.  Please remember that every teacher has their own unique instructional style, but all classes at Barack Obama Charter School are centered around the Ingenium Learning System instructional model. All instruction is based on the California State Framework requirements. These standards are the foundation of our curricular presentations.

Q. Does Barack Obama Charter School offer field trips as part of the regular curriculum? Will there be additional costs for the families?

A.  Yes, a variety of field trip opportunities are offered. There will be no charge unless a student makes personal purchases.

Q. May I come into the school to volunteer?
A.  We welcome volunteers and will request help at various times throughout the school year. Please see the Volunteer Page on this web site for more information on current volunteer opportunities. The PTA is also an active part of Barack Obama Charter School.